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Superluminary vs. Savagery

My friend, John C. Wright, has recently created a Patreon account and started serializing a space opera thereon. It is excellent and a great deal of fun. The tale had me from the opening line,

“Aeneas Tell of House of Tell, youngest of the Lords of Creation, was twenty-one when he was assassinated for the first time.”

and did not disappoint. It contains many of the tropes Wright and fans of Wright enjoy, and is currently 2 for 2 in making use of Wright’s favorite word, integument. If you were a fan of The Golden Age series or Count to a TrillionSuperluminary is like the less philosophically inclined, hack-n-slash RPG younger brother. Read it for free, then pay what you like!

Speaking of which…


Some savage morlock crawled out of its pit to mock and sneer at Mr. Wright for not making as much per month as N.K. Jemisin. I aim to fix that. By RDF’s metric, Wright must be a better author than Jemisin if his monthly pledges overtake hers. I hereby double, nay, triple my monthly patronage.