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Tokusatsu Resurgence

Not one, but two of my beloved childhood series are being rebooted this summer! Truly this is the golden age of sci-fi cinema!

First off is Ultraman. The interpretation of the classic rubber suit as Ultraman’s actual skin and face is quite interesting, and gives a unique visual flair to our hero from M78. I’m glad that rather than reproducing the original suit with CGI, they opted for a design that could only be done well with CGI, taking advantage of their chosen medium.

Second, Godzilla is back, and once more in the sure hands of Toho, who know what to do with him (hint: you actually get to see him in all his King of the Monster’s glory). I believe this 1.5 minute trailer contains more Godzilla than the most recent Hollywood film named after him did. This iteration of the character looks vaguely undead, which please me, if only because the war dead-possessed corpsezilla from Giant Monsters All Out Attack is one of my favorite takes on the Big G. He also looks a bit like the melting Godzilla from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. Most exciting though, is that Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi are helming this project (the shot of the tank turrets rotating in formation is pure NGE). Get in the reboot Shinji!