Matt the Radar Technician Funko Pop

Finished this fellow earlier this month; can post him now that my friend’s birthday has passed and he is no longer undercover.


“Hi everybody, I’m Matt.”

Build details after the jump.

Matt is a strange creature with the body of a Nien Nunb, the head of a Peeta Mellark, and the glasses of a Napoleon Dynamite. Peeta’s head was removed by carving around the edges of his neck plug. Nien Nunb’s bobblehead unscrewed with much plier work from his neck spring. A blob of plumber’s putty joined the spring to the Peeta head. A few x-acto knife cuts and drops of super glue swapped over the glasses. The name tag is plasticard. The figures took acrylic paint very well, making the palette swap a lot faster than anticipated.

My sister did the fantastic box work, from graphic design to final build (the plastic packaging was cannibalized from one of the Funko boxes). She printed it on a thicker gloss paper and assembled it with glue tape and scotch tape. I’ll link to the file if she uploads it.

My friend was quite happy with how it turned out, and I found the Funko figures a lot of fun to work with. They took paint very well, and were fairly easy to chop up and reassemble (though still quite sturdy). I have a feeling this will not be the last custom Pop I work on (I notice Venser, Sorin, and Freyalise are all missing from the Magic line), but if Funko sold loose accessories, chiefly goggles/glasses, as part of their DIY line, it would make certain characters a lot easier to build (looking at you Amelia Windrose).


“Good job Funko!”


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  1. lol you doing custom funko now? Do you KNOW how much money is in doing Supernatural ones? (not that… I wouldn’t pay for a few… *shifty eyes*)

  2. Though that you didn’t use a Kylo Ren figure in any way seems kind of cheating… ;-P

  3. I do not know. Doesn’t Funko already do a Supernatural Pop! line? (and what customs would you want?)

    What? There’s tooootallllly a Kylo Ren figure in there. He’s just undercover, see? ;D

  4. Oh my word…. my dear you are a genius! And a stable one at that XD

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