Hugo Capsules Inbound!

I’ve got a lot of plane travel to look forward to over the next few two weeks: Pensacola this week and Japan the next. I also have my beloved Kindle Keyboard* stuffed to the brim with Hugo Nominees for Best Novel, Short Story, Novella, and Novelette. Despite what you may have heard, us Sad Puppies like to read things before we vote on them, and I have a golden opportunity here to not only read the heck out of the Hugo packet, but review the heck out of it as well. Some stories will inevitably get more attention than others, but I will make sure each story gets at least one sentence on what there was to like and dislike. I’ve already cracked a few of the novellas, and let me say, Kratman is giving Wright a real run for his money with Big Boys Don’t Cry (this big boy may or may not have cried), but I’ll have to reread Pale Realms of Shade to be sure. One Bright Star to Guide Them, sadly, left me underwhelmed, though I wonder that I may not be the right audience for such a tale, and will perhaps appreciate it more when I have grown older and more tired, and am therefore in greater need of a booster shot of hope.

*This XKCD strip sold me on the merits of the Kindle Keyboard. I successfully went my first two-and-a-half months in Japan with my Kindle as my only mobile communications device. I, no kidding, learned how to drive my predecessor’s stick-shift from Wikihow.

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