Pokeblades, Gotta Slash ’em All!

“Don’t make eye contact. Just don’t make eye contact. Just get to Riverdale City without making eye contact with anyone,” the young boy muttered to himself over and over as he cautiously picked his way along the trail leading out of the woods. The trail led into an open field where the road split three ways. Shoot! The boy cursed himself for not paying more attention in tracking class. If he had, he could have kept his gaze safely fixed on the ground and still determined which path led to the city. As it was, the only thing he could see on the road was the shadow of a road sign, and the another, human, shadow next to it. Which meant that the moment he raised his eyes to read the sign—

“Hey! The name’s Cor, and you just made eye contact with me, so we have to duel now!”

The other boy had piercing green eyes under the bill of a silvery-gray ball cap set upon his dark hair. A single, miniature sword gleamed darkly from his belt. Thank goodness, he must have just started his journey as well.

“I’m Arry.”

“What, like a Cockney saying Harry? ‘Arry?”

“No, just Arry,” said the first boy, whose name really was just Arry, “and my sword spirit’s in pretty bad shape right now. It won’t be much of a duel.”

“Then I guess we know who’s walking away from this ¥150 richer,” grinned the other. Why again, did they bet Japanese money on sword fights, wondered Arry as he steeled himself for the inevitable. Was it because the Japanese had developed the Master Sword? “Now, summon your noble sword spirit!”

Arry drew the small, broken blade from his belt and called aloud, “I summon, Narseal!” There was a dazzling flash, and a magnificent yet very wounded pinniped appeared. It has a great mane of red and white flames, and it’s fur shone like silver.

Cor drew his own, darker blade, and raised it aloft, calling “I summon, GraySwanDeer!” Out of a dark cloud emerged a horned beast, like a stag, but with great gray wings stretching out from either shoulder.

To be continued…when I can think of more to write than just fictional sword puns I really wanted to make.


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