We are the fighting Uruk-hai!

These chaps were a blast to paint, and successfully broke me out of an almost year long painting slump. The banner and two-handed weapon wielding captain were converted from pike Uruks. This is the 500 point army I put together to fight my brother’s Rohirrim. It’s been a load of fun to play, and I look forward to adding some Marauders and Berserkers as additional screening units to prevent my hedgehog from being outflanked.

The main force

The scouts. I built the captain to be usable as Mauhur for when I run a Marauders-heavy list.

Scout archers. I made the white hand markings on their helms more feral and less neat looking than those sported by the warriors.


The entire host


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  1. Very clever idea. The paint scheme breathes some real life into these minis.

    • Thanks! Originally the white hand motif was painted straight onto the armor, but this looked too stark. Recalling a section from The Two Towers about the white hand appearing red upon closer inspection, I tried painting the white over red, and it really enlivened the color scheme and made the figures pop.

      “Now Gandalf rode to the great pillar of the Hand, and passed it; and as he did so the Riders saw to their wonder that the Hand appeared no longer white. It was stained as with dried blood; and looking closer they perceived that its nails were red.”
      -The Road to Isengard

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