…was quite disappointing. I am a huge fan of the original series, and while the visuals were fantastic (loved the powered armor!), none of the characters felt like their show counterparts. Yattaran wasn’t goofy enough, Yuki was trying too hard to be badass (also, WTH was with that shower scene?), Mime…had almost no role, and Captain Harlock himself was far too violent. This is the man who dedicated his life to defending Earth and humanity, even those who did not appreciate him, like a piratical, swashbuckling Aragorn; his wrath reserved for the tyrannical enemies of Earth, and even then, showing gallantry and restraint in combat. Yet here, he violently raids vessels, casually wipes out entire human fleets, kills diplomats, and his master plan is to wipe out all of existing humanity and start over. This portrayal of his character, or lack thereof, is on par with the terribleness of Jackson’s Faramir or Disney’s John Carter. Also, the plotting was mediocre; for a stand alone movie, I would have preferred a riff on Seven Samurai rather than the poorly paced series of space battles in quest of MacGuffin Earth. The best I can say for this film is that it rekindled my interest in the original series, which I left about 3/4 of the way through when my DVD drive, since working again, stopped playing the discs.


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