Star Wars VII Trailer is Here

A ray of light on this blackest of Fridays.

The last remnant of the old skepticism has been swept away. This looks like the Star Wars I remember. This sounds like the Star Wars I remember. J.J. Abrams has an eye for wonder; I could watch X-Wings zooming across the water all day. Love the weeble-R2 unit; it’s adorable, and forget the naysayers, that crackling, cross-guard lightsaber is badass and pulpy as all get out. And the ending shot? Chills. December 2015 can’t get here soon enough.


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  1. I’m glad at least you like it. I’m not really sure myself, I just hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  2. My hope is that J.J. Abrams, being a fellow nerd, was just as disappointed in the prequel trilogy as the rest of the fans, and is very aware of the responsibility riding on his shoulders.

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