Speed Build: Apsu

Recently (okay, a month and a half ago at this point), I attended the wonderful Doxacon 2013 Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy convention in Virginia. I heard about the con through John C. Wright’s blog, where he announced that he and his wife would be attending as panelists.  Realizing a few days prior to the convention that this would be one of my few chances to cosplay a character and meet the character’s creator simultaneously, I gathered together my Quentin Nemo cosplay from a previous con, only to realize that I did not have a staff for it anymore, at least, not one that would be overhead compartment (and TSA) friendly. Gathering together some leftover supplies from a previous prop build, I threw together Quentin’s staff from the first book, Apsu, in a fit of fanboyish fervor during odd hours over the few days before the con. As such, I did not photo document the process as thoroughly as usual, but it was practically all sculpting work, so these in progress and finished shots should give a good idea of the build process. He came out quite the dapper little chap, if I do say so myself (A friendly Briton at the convention, thinking perhaps I was a young Ebenezer Scrooge, informed me it would be excellent for ”thrashing street urchins”. This hypothesis remains untested.).


Plumber’s putty was used for the first stage of sculpting where I roughed out the shape of the jackal head. I used some plastic screws from a hardware box as a base around which to build the ears.

Then, I went back over the rough sculpt with milliput, a finer grade epoxy putty, to give some definition to everything. Water is very useful in smoothing out milliput. After that it was a layer of spray on primer, followed by black metallic spray paint, and the head was then painted by hand with two colors of silver: one as a base and one as a highlight.

Mr. and Mrs. Wright were, as usual, very gracious to a fanboy such as myself, and Mr. Wright inscribed most of his opus that I had collected, save The Mists of Everness, which I have yet to find a non-ex-library copy of. Mrs. Wright asked for a photo of Apsu, and I regret that it has taken me this long to take some decent pictures and get them uploaded. I had not read any of Mrs. Wright’s books at the time, a situation I have now remedied with my Kindle (expect a book review soon) (also expect another staff prop, if I can find the materials; Mrs. Wright’s books are chock full of cool magic staves begging to be crafted).


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