Dankeschön, St. Jude

Back in May St. Jude gave me a very nice favor. This is my belated thank you (though, since Heaven is eternal, maybe from his point of view it is not late, due to some Narnia time loophole). Anyhow, I was sitting in O’hare International Airport with my dad. He flies 777s for United, and had a day layover in Munich. With less than a week’s notice, I managed to do some shift swapping to get off of work to accompany him (if that was you as well St. Jude, thanks!), flying for free on standby. Trouble was, while I made the Cincy-Chicago flight fine, the Chicago-Munich flight that had looked clearer earlier was now three seats overbooked. Time to start praying. About halfway through the fourth Joyful Mystery, an announcement came for a Mr. Oka. The gate agent handed me a boarding pass and informed me, “You are a very lucky man”. To top it all off, I got the 3rd best seat on the plane. The best seat on the plane is anywhere in First Class. The 2nd best seat is the right-side window seat with a view of the wingtip. The 3rd best is that same seat on the left-side of the plane (I prefer to lean on my right side when sleeping in a sitting position).

St. Jude, pray for us!

St. Jude, pray for us!


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