Tabletop Review: Khurasan’s Caiman APC

After a long hiatus from painting due to my senior year of college gobbling up a lot of free time, I am happily back into my hobby and painting like a madman. Today, I’d like to show off Khurasan’s Caimain APC, a truly astounding piece of resin. Expect more reviews of Khurasan and products in the coming weeks as I get models painted and photographed.

Content 4.5/5

The Caiman is modeled with wonderful but lawyer-friendly exactitude after a certain beloved APC. The body and wheels are cast in a nice, solid feeling resin, while the door and guns are in pewter. The resin is tough, but easy to drill into, making magnetizing the turrets a breeze. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to put the wheels on axles either, if you were so inclined. The wheels might be better served by being cast in pewter, however, as the resin casting left wheel plugs of uneven length and thickness that I had to shave and sand down to get a decent fit with the chassis, and the tires have a very slight inward warping near the center, albeit it is barely noticeable when they are painted and on the table.

Caiman APC

Quality 5/5

Aside from the uneven wheel plugs, the resin parts were very clean castings that required minimal maintenance before assembly. The pewter castings were crisp and clean. The turrets fit nicely into their pilot holes. It was a wise move to not have an extra hole in the rear of the vehicle for the turret to rest in during travel: those who just want the turret mounted on top don’t have an unnecessary hole in their APC, and those who want the extra hole can easily make one with a 3mm drill bit. The Caiman was, if I recall correctly, designed on a computer, and it shows in the crisp gribblies and details that decorate the body of the APC. The model paints up very nicely. There are also plenty of flat, smooth spaces for decals and the like.

Value 5/5

At $15.99, the Caiman is pricier than a lot of 15mm APCs on the market, however, it is also a monster of a transport. Between it’s intimidating size and the high craftsmanship of the model, it is well worth the price. This is a superb model. Here’s hoping Jon will release a certain dropship at some point…

NB: Khurasan also offers the Caimain in 28mm scale.


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