An Unexpected Mistake!

I must make a correction to my review of The Hobbit. I assumed I was seeing the film at 48 FPS, but it turns out I saw it at 24 FPS, so any comments concerning the 48 FPS are null and void. However, I have heard a few people say that the SFX looked better in 48 FPS, so the jury is still out on that topic until I can see it again, although I also learned that the exterior of Rhosgobel was an actual set, which leads me to ask: how badly do you have to design a set to fool audiences into thinking it’s a poorly (by LotR standards) made CGI habitation? Perhaps it won’t look so bad seeing it the second time. One can only hope.

UPDATE: I saw the film again with a friend in 3D 48 FPS. A tremendous improvement, though Rhosgobel still had a disappointing air of artificiality about it. Another friend informed me that just as adding 3D to a film shot in 2D affects its appearance, so too compressing a film shot in 3D down to 2D.


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