Tabletop Review: Warhammer 40,000: Psychic Powers

Image copyright Games Workshop Limited 2012

I walked into my FLGS earlier today eager to get started on my Chaos Androids army only to discover that they had already sold both their Chaos Terminators and their Necron Battleforce.
The Saddest Face!
The new 6th ed stuff caught my eye however, and I walked out instead with a Necrons codex (so I can stop bugging my friend with rules queries) and the cool new Psychic Powers deck.

Content 4/5
You get 35 large cards detailing the various psychic powers now available to all. Less wordy cards have a little sketch of a Imperial cherub or servo-skull by John Blanche at the bottom. The cards also get some very nice John Blanche artwork on the reverse side, with each of the five psychic disciplines getting its own unique back artwork. You also get a little rules insert containing 6th edition errata for the codices concerning psychic powers, and a reference chart explaining what psychic disciplines are available to each army. All of this is contained in a a fan-opening plastic case stamped with the 40k logo and with a circle cut out so you can admire the card backing. It would have been nice if Games Workshop had also included a quick-reference card for the psychic rules, explaining the keywords and such, but alas, it is not so. I’ll just have to wait until I can crack open a 6th ed rulebook to figure out what ‘focussed witchfire’ and ‘soul blaze’ mean.

Quality 4/5
The printing on the cards is crisp and high quality, doing justice to the John Blanche work on the back and the subtle background art on the text side. The plastic case seems sturdy enough, though it has a lot of extra space in it, which I can only hope is meant for eventual future expansions to the psychic disciplines. My only problem lies with the quality of the cardstock, which was a little thinner than I expected, especially for cards intended for frequent use (which cannot be easily sleeved due to their size and shape). I was hoping for Magic: The Gathering quality cardstock, but instead got something more akin to Yu-Gi-Oh.

Value 3/5
The psychic power cards normally retail for $13.75, but my FLGS was selling them for $7. As such, I was pleased with my purchase. However, for the normal price, I would have hoped for better cardstock, as I can get twice as many Magic cards for about the same price.

Overall, the product earns a solid 4/5, and one I would recommend for anyone who plays 40k on a regular basis.

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